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Jaya Kumari


Jaya Kumari is a well-rounded advocate who earned her law degree from Dehradun and has been practicing at the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Supreme Court of India since 2022. Her expertise in litigation has also allowed her to appear before the Nainital High Court, further solidifying her reputation as a highly skilled and versatile legal professional.

With her extensive experience in civil, criminal, corporate, banking and diverse litigation, Jaya is well equipped to handle a wide range of legal cases and disputes. Her tireless work ethic, passion for justice, and unwavering commitment to her clients make her a valuable asset to Oberoi Law Chambers and a respected member of the legal community.

Jaya’s exceptional communication skills, combined with her deep understanding of the law, have earned her a reputation as a skilled negotiator and effective advocate. She always puts her clients’ interests first and works tirelessly to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome in each case.

She is a highly skilled and experienced advocate who has made a significant impact on the legal landscape. Her passion for justice, dedication to her clients, and unwavering commitment to the law make her a true asset to the legal profession.

Ayna vasudeva


Ayna Vasudeva, a driven and dedicated advocate who graduated from one of India’s leading law colleges, Lovely Professional University. With her hardworking and consistent approach, Ayna has quickly established herself as a leading legal expert in the field.

Ayna is proud to be associated with Oberoi Law Chambers, one of the premier law offices. At Oberoi Law Chambers, Ayna has gained valuable experience in a wide range of legal fields, including civil, criminal, corporate, and diverse litigation. With her unwavering dedication and passion for the law, Ayna has developed expertise in several areas, including civil and criminal litigation, intellectual property rights, surrogacy law, banking law, and debt recovery.

Ayna’s strong advocacy skills and sharp legal mind have earned her a reputation as a tenacious and effective lawyer. She always puts her clients’ interests first and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in each case. With her commitment to justice and her deep understanding of the law, Ayna has become an invaluable member of the Oberoi Law Chambers team.

She is a highly skilled and experienced advocate who has made a significant impact on the legal landscape. Her passion for justice, dedication to her clients, and unwavering commitment to the law make her a true asset to the legal profession.


Pooja Singh, an accomplished advocate, stands out for her exceptional dedication and academic achievements. Graduating with honors from the prestigious Law College Dehradun in northern India, she attained the 1st rank in her university. Pooja’s reputation as a diligent professional who adeptly safeguards her clients’ interests has earned her widespread recognition within the legal profession.
Operating as a pivotal asset at Oberoi Law Chambers, Pooja’s proficiency shines. Her adeptness in crafting meticulous legal drafts and presenting compelling arguments sets her apart. Moreover, Pooja’s exceptional gift for effective communication, coupled with her empathetic approach, ensures that her clients receive not only formidable legal representation but also remain informed and empowered throughout their legal journey.
Fueled by an unyielding passion for justice and equity, Pooja firmly believes in affording every individual a fair opportunity under the umbrella of the law. Her tenacious spirit and principled approach make her an invaluable asset to the legal community, continually elevating the standards of legal practice.
Beyond her remarkable legal acumen, Pooja Singh’s compassion and commitment to social justice truly set her apart. With unwavering dedication, she extends her legal prowess to marginalized segments of society through pro bono cases. Particularly evident in her fervent advocacy for women’s protection, combating sexual abuse, and championing children’s rights, Pooja’s dedication to the underprivileged is palpable.
Pooja’s unwavering commitment to these critical issues extends beyond the courtroom – it’s a testament to her genuine concern for society’s most vulnerable. Her genuine care for these causes is evident in her tireless efforts to ensure justice prevails, regardless of social standing or circumstances. Pooja’s desire to champion these causes goes beyond paid cases; she eagerly offers her services without charge, further underscoring her commitment to fostering a more just and equitable society.

Tamanna bahl


Tammana Bahl is a driven advocate and problem-solving team player seeking a responsible position that accelerates her career and allows her to make a substantial contribution to the workplace. A graduate of Alliance School of Law, she boasts multiple publications and a proven track record of success in prestigious moot court competitions like Jessup and ICC.

Quick-witted and goal-oriented, she tackles complex challenges head-on and is recognized by colleagues as a strong problem solver and decisive leader. Thriving in intense environments, she provides structure and solutions that deliver results.

Her diverse skillset, honed through law and management studies, grants her an edge in efficiency and adaptability. A passionate learner continuously seeking to expand her knowledge and explore diverse sectors, she demonstrates a commitment to reaching her full potential.

More than dependable, she brings enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to every endeavor. Eager to leverage her skills and dedication, she seeks a responsible position that fuels her career growth and allows her to make a meaningful impact.


The firm’s philosophy is the resolution of disputes/ completion of transactions with clients’ commercial interests first. We believe in the amicable resolution of disputes in the client’s interest with the least intervention of the courts and litigate only when it is a must.

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