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Ravi sodhi


Ravi Sodhi is a distinguished legal professional with a wealth of experience and accolades in the field of law. A recipient of the prestigious Punjab Ratan award from the 27th All India Conference of Intellectuals, he has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to society through his expertise in the legal domain.

With a background as a Senior Counsel for the Union of India and former Additional Advocate General for Punjab, Ravi Sodhi has demonstrated his legal prowess in various capacities. His tenure as the Additional Standing Counsel for the Chandigarh administration further solidifies his extensive experience in handling legal matters at both state and national levels.

Ravi Sodhi’s expertise extends beyond litigation to encompass arbitration, where he has served as an Arbitrator in international arbitration cases, approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. His proficiency in arbitration matters is complemented by his role as a law columnist for prominent publications such as the Indian Express and Hindustan Times, where he has shared his insights through weekly columns and legal opinions.

As a constitutional and media law expert, Ravi Sodhi has been at the forefront of landmark cases, including those addressing constitutional amendments and public interest litigations. His pioneering work in the area of Constitutional Tort, as articulated in his acclaimed book “Legal Balm,” has earned him recognition from legal luminaries such as Justice Krishna Iyer.

In addition to his litigation and advisory roles, Ravi Sodhi has represented esteemed corporate clients and government organizations, demonstrating his versatility across diverse legal domains. His extensive corporate exposure includes retainer relationships with prominent entities such as Escorts Tractors Ltd., DLF, and Ansals Properties and Industries Ltd., among others.

A prolific author, Ravi Sodhi has authored and co-authored several law books, covering topics ranging from criminal justice systems to domestic violence laws. His scholarly contributions extend to numerous articles, opinion pieces, and research papers, reflecting his commitment to advancing legal discourse both nationally and internationally.

Beyond his legal practice, Ravi Sodhi has also shared his expertise as a part-time visiting law lecturer at Punjab University and has participated in national and international seminars on legal issues of societal importance.

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